The magnetic bicycle skirt clip

Our product, the Poupoupidou

Imagined, designed and made in Nantes, the Poupoupidou is a small, design and practical device aimed at keeping one’s skirt when traveling by bike.  On sale in our Poupoupidou shop and online.

Technical functioning :

The Poupoupidou comes in the form of a soft shell in which a standard clothespin and two magnets to attach the device under the seat. All saddles are normally equiped with two metal rails on which will be clipped the magnets.
The magnets are fast and easy to detach, this ensuring safety for the cyclist, and the integrity of the clothing.

Video presentation of the Poupoupidou :

The Poupoupidou shop, a place of original bike accessories :

Located in Nantes, our shop doesn’t only provide protection for your skirts, but also repairing, maintenance and a wide variety of revolutionary accessories for your bike.

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